Taxi dispatchers

At US airports and major train stations, there is often a taxi “dispatcher”. Their job is to get you a taxi, advise you on fares, and help prevent taxi drivers (or fake taxi drivers) from ripping you off. At some airports and train stations, fares for tickets to popular destinations are posted on billboards.



There are often taxi telephones in smaller train stations. At many airports, you can arrange to be escorted into a limousine, which is a huge car that spans three or four rows of seats. Make sure you get the price in writing, unless you’ve won the lottery, although in some areas, particularly around Chicago, a limo can be an inexpensive alternative to taxis to and from the airport. Minibus transportation services are also available at most airports; Like taxis, they take you exactly where you want to go, but the fare is lower because it is shared with your fellow travelers.


Most taxi drivers are supposed to take city knowledge and English tests, although you’d never guess (English is the second language of more than half of the taxi drivers in New York). New York taxi drivers have a reputation for being among the strongest and most aggressive drivers in the world. Many Americans’ vision of hell rushes from hole to hole in a New York taxi during the height of summer (naturally without air conditioning), as the insane driver tries to run over pedestrians and push other vehicles off the road. While everyone is cursing. And everything is shown in a foreign language. However, consider the unfortunate taxi driver who is in constant danger of being robbed or even killed.


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